Welcome to JOTA Advanced Engineering. The precision engineering division of the JOTA Group, born out of the passion and success of our award-winning sports & aviation sectors.

Welcome to JOTA Advanced Engineering. The precision engineering division of the JOTA Group, born out of the passion and success of our award-winning sports & aviation sectors.


JOTA evolved from a simple idea; combining our passions for engineering and technology to achieve excellence in our field.

Motorsport, the perfect showcase for our talents, has gifted us the freedom to grow our motor racing business, JOTASport, into a race team to be respected and revered. Our engineering and manufacturing business, JOTA Advanced Engineering, boasts an enviable depth of talent and resource capable of tackling any challenge in any industry.


Today we are determined to use our forward thinking attitude to develop JOTA into one of the foremost technology driven brands.


We are born out of a thirst for success; and achieve this through innovation, attention to detail and agility.


Innovation distinguishes leaders from competitors

We seek out tomorrow’s challenges and find innovative solutions away from the competition. As a progressive and dynamic business, we are always excited about the next challenge and finding solutions.

JOTA Advanced Engineering specialise in manufacturing fully inspected, complex components in a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, special alloys and plastics. We offer full project management for the manufacture of components, with our team of experts overseeing the process from start to finish, enabling us to deliver a highly efficient, accurate and budget-conscious service. Key to our success is the continual investment in state-of-art technology allowing for complex and highly accurate machining, alongside investing in the training and development of our dedicated team of engineers.


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

JOTA understands that attention to detail forges strong, successful partnerships and an exceptional reputation. Excellence is born through dedication to detail and this has remained our mantra throughout everything we aim for and have achieved.

Services we provide include 3, 4 and 5 axis milling and live tool turning, and we pride ourselves in working to exceptionally precise manufacturing tolerances. Our multi-option service allows the flexibility and adaptability to fulfil the clients brief in full.

We are committed to providing a world-class service abiding by stringent quality checks throughout the design and manufacture process.Metrics are continually recorded and analysed by our team, and all technicians take part in thorough, ongoing training to ensure they are all experts in quality control and compliance.

Extensive capabilities in precision manufacturing

Working to exceptionally precise tolerances we can design, engineer and manufacture complex components and assemblies in a wide-range of materials; with full inspection capability in our climate controlled metrology department.

JOTA Advanced Engineering is an ISO9001 registered firm and is in the process of obtaining IATF 16949 (Automotive accreditation).

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Project Management
  • 3 Axis milling
  • 4 Axis milling
  • 5 Axis milling
  • Climate controlled metrology department
  • Live tool turning
  • Laser Etching
  • 3D printing SLA
  • 3D printing FDM
  • 3D printing SLS
  • 3D Scanning
  • Carbon composites
  • Sub assembly

Milling · Turning · CAD / CAM · Design · Prototyping · Assembly · Project Management · External Processes ·

Performance. Prestige. Passion

Key Components

JOTA is one of the most experienced & successful sports car teams in recent history, having finished on the podium in LMP2 at Le Mans 10 times in the last 9 years; as well as finishing an unprecedented 2nd & 3rd overall at Le Mans in 2017.

We are proud to supply brackets and components for the race cars, as well as pit garage tools, fixtures and fittings.

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