Jota Advanced Engineering is built around the Jota Group’s common goal of delivering results, in our case drawing on our precision engineering skills to create tight tolerance work, often in difficult to machine materials, and in many cases taking on work that others didn’t want to do.

In order to achieve this the company has invested in a range of high-tech machine tools, including multi-axis turning centres with live tooling and a five-axis machining centre.

These are supported by the latest in CAD\CAM and production control software, along with a team of highly skilled engineers.

System Store Solutions:

With the growth in the machining business and number of machines, came a requirement for more tools and workholding, which in turn needed to be stored in a planned and efficient manner.

With the race team, Jota Sport, already using Fami storage in its race bays it was a logical step to call System Store Solutions back in to design the workshop storage layout for Jota Advanced Engineering.

Organisation and image is key in the sectors that we operate in so to have a consistent look running through the race team and engineering division made perfect sense.  Not only that, but to be able to respond quickly to customer demands we need to be confident that we can locate tools and fixtures quickly, with the Fami solution we know everything has a place and everything is in its place.

In addition to the increased efficiency that the Fami storage from System Store Solutions gives us, the workshop environment is also more manageable as it has become second nature to keep things neat and tidy.

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PSL Datatrack

Jota Advanced Engineering has a comprehensive plant list that includes a Haas UMC-750 5-axis vertical machining centre, Haas Mini Mill, Haas ST-10Y and 30Y CNC lathes, Bridgeport Mills, Colchester Student and Elliot lathes. PSL Datatrack is used to manage all production.

The system is well designed, fast to navigate, logical and intuitive to use, along with a flexibility which allows it be tailored specifically for the Jota Advanced Engineering requirements.

The system provides manufacturing process control of Quotations, Sales and Purchase Order processing, through to workshop scheduling, Shop Floor Data Collection, deliveries and invoicing, providing accurate information available about our commitments and capacity, and enabling us to. We quote with the confidence that we can keep the quality, precision and punctual delivery promises that we offer our customers”.

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Jota invested in 4 new machine tools from Haas, including an ST 10 Y an ST 30 turning centre, a Super MINI Mill 2 and a UMC 750 5 axis machine. Managing Partner Ryan Goodger talk to MTD CNC about the HAAS machines and the parts Jota Advanced Engineering are making.



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