Key Personnel

Introducing the key personnel behind Jota Advanced Engineering.

Ryan Goodger

Managing Partner, Jota Advanced Engineering

As Managing Partner, Ryan oversees the day to day running of JOTA Advanced Engineering, ensuring that the team of world-class engineers deliver outstanding solutions using our cutting edge technology.

Starting his Engineering career at the age of 16, Ryan spent 9 years working in Scientific Vacuum industry covering all aspects of technological processes, before moving into motor racing at JRM Motorsport, where he was instrumental in building up their in-house machining and manufacturing facilities over a three year period.

In 2012 Ryan moved on to the JOTA Group, where he worked with Sam Hignett to establish JOTA Advanced Engineering, initially to provide components for the Group’s successful motor racing division Jota Sport. In addition to servicing the racing team’s needs, along with customers and partners across the motorsport industry, Ryan has also built up the business portfolio of the CNC machining capabilities, expanding into the wider Motor Racing, Luxury Car, Aviation, Power Generation, Scientific and Medical sectors.